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Silicon Valley Friends of Ferals

Copyright Statement and Linking Policy

Copyright Statement All original content on this website, is copyrighted by Silicon Valley Friends of Ferals. All rights are reserved. Content includes (but is not necessarily limited to) text and images.

Permission is granted for private individuals to save SVFF-copyrighted images to their local disk for personal, non-commercial use only, such as for use as a desktop picture. Distribution of images as part of a collection, either on physical media (such as a disk or CD-ROM) or electronically (such as a downloadable image archive or web-browsable image library) is prohibited without prior written permission, whether or not this is done for profit. Individuals may include SVFF images on their personal, non-commercial web site either locally or by linking to the image stored on, provided that text identifying the image as belonging to SVFF and linking back to is provided. Under no circumstances may any identifying information attached to these images (such as information in JPEG comments) be altered or removed.

Linking policy We welcome links to SVFF's site from other web sites, and request that you link to the front page of our site,, rather than internal pages.

Silicon Valley Friends of Ferals does not operate for profit, but does not have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

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